Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TAD Gear Shagmaster Hoodie

One of TAD Gear's recently releases is the Shag Master Hoodie. I'll be the first to admit that at first I thought it was just a very different looking jacket. Prior to buying this, I never liked the look of the Mountain Hardware Monkey Man jackets. I still don't, but this jacket is different in my eyes. Perhaps because it's completely covered in the "fur" and doesn't have bald spots.

The color of the fleece is darker than in the pictures on TAD's site. The nylon on the back of the arms is not as "lime" as my pictures show. It does come with removable ear and horns for the hood, however I won't be using them while wearing it.

The warmth seems to be more than my TAD Pathfinder. No experience yet with it in windy conditions. I've had just this jacket on with a t-shirt underneath during the night in lower 40's and I was fine. I plan on layering it under my TAD explorer during the colder months. The sizing appears to be consistent with that of my TAD Pathfinder.

While the regular fleece is comfy, nothing compares to the softness of this Shag Master. The inside has the same texture as the outside.

Just for color reference in the pictures, I have a M.E. Green TAD Explorer next to the Shag Master.


Cherise :) said...

外套上的耳朵好可愛。 :)
↑ The ears is so cute(?)
Sorry,My English is very poor. XD

rhunter0424 said...

Cute but I no longer have them. I had no intentions of using the ears (or horns that also came with it) so I gave them to someone who could put them to use.